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Jobs & Economy

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Iowa’s unemployment rate remains well below the national average and Democrats want to keep it that way by maintaining resources that help businesses find employees and help individuals find the right job for them.

Rather than only protecting the large businesses and corporations as the Republicans were trying to do, Democrats want to give Iowa’s small businesses a break through a tax credit that would lower taxes for most small business property to the residential rate.  This would help grow Iowa’s local economic structure and actually keep profits in Iowa instead of sending them out of state which is seen with big business.

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Years of research show that there are long-term benefits to attending preschool, including academic and financial success. According to a 2005 MIT study:

  • High-quality early childhood education helps prepare young children to succeed in school and become better citizens; they earn more, pay more taxes, and commit fewer crimes.
  • Every dollar invested in quality early care and education saves taxpayers up to $13.00 in future costs.
  • The early care and education industry is economically important—often much larger in terms of employees and revenues than other industries that receive considerable government attention and investment.
  • Failing to invest sufficiently in quality early care and education shortchanges taxpayers because the return on investment is greater than many other economic development options.
  • Access to available and affordable choices of early childhood learning programs helps working parents fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Quality early education is as essential for a productive 21st century workforce as roads or the internet; investing in it grows the economy.

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  1. Chairwoman Dvorsky’s Statement on President Obama’s Commitment to Keeping Student Loan Interest Rates Low, and the impact of the Romney-Ryan Budget on Education

    Des Moines, IA – With student loans set to double on July 1st affecting 255,000 Iowa students if Congress doesn’t act, Iowa Democratic Party Chairwoman Sue Dvorsky released the following statement: “President Obama believes, as I do, that we must keep interest rates on student loans low so more Americans...
  2. The Romney-Ryan and Iowa House Republicans’ War on Education

    Des Moines – As students from across Iowa prepare to convene for Tuesday’s Greater Together Student Summit at the University of Iowa, The Iowa Democratic Party released the following memorandum to illustrate the devastating impact Republican policies are having on Education in the state of Iowa and throughout the country....

Health care

POTUS's signature on the PPACA

On March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama, with the help of Iowa’s Democratic Congressmen, signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – one of the most significant laws to be passed in decades. The GOP immediately cried “Armageddon!” (no, really) and has vowed to repeal it. If the Affordable Care Act were to be repealed, Iowans could expect to see:

  • 57,216 small businesses get a tax increase.
  • 713,155 children excluded from coverage based on a pre-existing condition.
  • 43,100 senior citizens suffer an increase in prescription drug costs as the Medicare “donut hole” is opened back up.
  • 247,000 young adults be dropped from their parent’s health care coverage.
  • 788,000 families getting their taxes increased.

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  1. The Governor Stands Alone

    Overwhelming Support for Medicaid Expansion, so why is Branstad dragging his feet? DES MOINES – The Iowa Democratic Party has one thing to say to the Governor – where is your coalition of support for denying 155,000 Iowans health insurance? In a review of Senate File 71, the proposed Senate...
  2. Statement from IDP Chair Rep. Tyler Olson on Governor Branstad’s Meeting with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

    Olson Urges Governor to Stop Playing Politics with Iowans’ Health, Accept Funds to Expand Medicaid. DES MOINES -Iowa Democratic Party Chair Rep. Tyler Olson issued the following statement in advance of Iowa Governor Terry Branstad’s meeting with Health and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius: “The Iowa Democratic Party...

Elections & Voting

Fmr Lt Governor Patty Judge voting early in 2010

Under the tenure of Democrats, Iowa’s elections became the gold standard for the nation. The Overseas Vote Foundation rated Iowa number one in a national report on the ease of military and overseas voting.

The Iowa Democratic Party opposes any law forcing voters to show a photo ID at the polls. The current laws are strong enough to prevent voter fraud.

We support same-day voter registration. There are a plethora of reasons why a voter’s information may be out of date, and the ability to update that information, or for new voters to register right there at the polls is more than convenient. There are safeguards in place to avoid fraud.

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  1. Step Up for Todd Prichard in House District 52!

    It’s crunch time.  Less than a month ago, Todd Prichard got the nod from his fellow Democrats to run in the special election to fill the Iowa House District 52 seat. For the last two years, Iowa House Democrats have shown their firm committment to making sure that every child...

Environment & Energy

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Due to the work of the Office of Energy Independence and the Iowa Power Fund, Iowa is now a net-exporter of energy. Between biofuels, ethanol and wind energy, 20% of Iowa’s energy now comes from renewable sources.

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  1. Democratic Leaders React to the State of the Union Address

    Officials across Iowa stand by President Obama’s plan DES MOINES – Democratic officials across Iowa reacted to President Obama’s State of the Union Address tonight, showing support for his plan to strengthen the middle class by creating jobs, giving our workers the tools they need, and building industries that will...
  2. Chairwoman Dvorsky Statement on 2012 State of the Union Address

    DES MOINES – Tonight, President Barack Obama delivered the 2012 State of the Union Address, outlining a blueprint to create jobs, strengthen the middle class, and create an America built to last. Iowa Democratic Party Chairwoman Sue Dvorsky, who attended the address, released this statement supporting President Obama’s plan: “Tonight,...

Marriage Equality

Man holding a sign during 2010 Des Moines Gay Pride Parade

Iowa Democrats stand with Iowa’s LGBT community and unequivocally supports marriage equality. The Varnum v Brien decision by Iowa’s Supreme Court crossed ideological lines and stated clearly that denying Iowa’s LGBT citizens the right to marry whomever they wish violated Iowa’s Constitution. Any amendment to Iowa’s Constitution that would discriminate against our LGBT friends should be opposed.

During this legislative season, Democrats protected the rights of the LGBT community by blocking bills pushed by Governor Branstad and the Republicans such as their discrimination bill which would’ve allowed business owners to refuse any services to people whose marriage they didn’t agree with.  This would have allowed direct discrimination against same-sex couples if Democrats had not immediately blocked the proposal.

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  1. A Look Back: Varnum v Brien

    In a unanimous decision, the Iowa Supreme Court held that the Iowa statute limiting civil marriage to a union between a man and a woman violates the equal protection clause of the Iowa Constitution. The decision struck the language from Iowa Code section 595.2 limiting civil marriage to a man...
  2. Chairwoman Dvorsky’s statement following President Obama’s remarks in support of Marriage Equality

    Iowa Democratic Party Chairwoman Sue Dvorsky released the following statement following President Obama’s remarks today (5/9/12) in support of marriage equality. “Today, President Obama echoed the sentiments of countless Iowans who believe all loving couples should be able to honor their commitments through marriage. In 2009, the Iowa Supreme Court...
  3. House Republicans continue to pursue divisive agenda, not focus on jobs

    Republican leaders “ponder” divisive bill to impeach justices  DES MOINES – The Iowa House Republicans have had a hard time upholding House Speaker Kraig Paulsen’s statement that he was “not interested in squandering Iowans’ time” with divisive issues. Despite that statement, they’ve focused on extreme gun bills, the toughest abortion...

Women’s Rights

Congressman Boswell with volunteers from Planned Parenthood

The Iowa Democratic Party supports a woman’s right to personal reproductive decisions as well as the legalization and licensing of certified professional midwives. We oppose any legislation that would defund or hamper the activities of women’s health organizations like Planned Parenthood.

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