1. Joni Ernst: Hiding from the Issues

    Ernst Doesn’t Realize that 88% of Americans Who Will Benefit from Minimum Wage Increase are Adults; Still Thinks $7.25 is Appropriate for Iowans Des Moines – Joni Ernst would prefer to keep quiet about the issues, and it’s easy to see why: the more she talks about her positions, the...
  2. Joni Ernst: Out of Touch on Minimum Wage

    Ernst Doesn’t Realize that 88% of Americans Who Will Benefit from Minimum Wage Increase are Adults; Still Thinks $7.25 is Appropriate for Iowans Des Moines – Yesterday in Ankeny, Joni Ernst doubled down on her out of step Tea Party positions regarding the federal minimum wage, saying that $7.25 is a great...
  3. RELEASE: Republicans Continue their Attacks on Women’s Health

    Des Moines – A Polk County District Court judge ruled today to severely limit rural Iowa women’s access to quality, reproductive health care.  This decision is in line with Republican’s attempts to put extreme ideologies before women’s health and their rights when it comes to making personal medical decisions with...
  4. Joni Ernst & Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Agenda is Wrong for Iowa

    Des Moines – Joni Ernst is Sarah Palin’s favorite Senate candidate, and it’s easy to see why: there is no Senate candidate in the country more in line with Sarah Palin’s Tea Party agenda. On everything from supporting the privatization of Social Security, to cutting taxes for millionaires, to rejecting...
  5. IDP Statement on Gubernatorial Debate

    Des Moines – Iowa Democratic Party Chair Scott Brennan released the following statement on tonight’s Gubernatorial debate: “Instead of talking about ways he would help grow the middle class in Iowa and increase economic opportunities, Governor Branstad refused to give Iowans a straight answer on his failed administration tonight.  Instead, he demonstrated...
  6. Statement on Steve King

    Iowa Democratic Party Chair Scott Brennan released the following statement on Steve King’s remarks on Ferguson protestors: “The worsening situation for our neighbors in Missouri is deeply troubling.  At a time when the state and our country is engaging in a difficult conversation, Steve King once again chooses to focus...

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  1. “Campaign’s Silence on Fair Pay Act Spoke Volumes about Romney’s Agenda”

    DES MOINES — Chairwoman Sue Dvorsky released the following statement responding to the Romney campaign’s refusal to respond to whether the likely Republican nominee for president supported the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act on a conference call this morning: Link to the conference call audio: “Mitt Romney has...
  2. Iowa Women Reject Romney’s War on Women

    Des Moines – Mitt Romney’s run to the far right may win him Tea Party voters, but he’s losing support from women voters in Iowa and as many as a dozen others states, according to the latest USA TODAY/Gallup poll. The results show Romney trailing President Obama among women by...
  3. IDP Hispanic Caucus responds to Sen. Rubio’s endorsement of Mitt Romney

    Romney and Rubio: Wrong on Immigration, Wrong for Hispanics Des Moines – Paula A. Martinez, who is the Chair of the Hispanic Caucus of the Iowa Democratic Party, released the following statement after Senator Marco Rubio endorsed Mitt Romney in the Republican presidential primary. “This endorsement comes as no surprise....
  4. Romney’s ‘Etch-A-Sketch’ Can’t Erase Extreme Positions

    Des Moines – Today, as Americans across the country celebrate the two-year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is working harder than ever to reinvent his record on the issue of health care. Even with an already unshakable reputation for flip flopping on...
  5. Unproven Jobs Claim in Pro-Romney Ad

    A pro-Romney TV spot running heavily in Iowa touts an unproven claim that the candidate “helped create thousands of jobs” as CEO of an investment firm. When we asked the super PAC sponsoring the ad for proof of its claim, a spokeswoman said: “We aren’t supplying that information.” And so...
  6. DMR Ed Board: Branstad disregards openness pledge

    When Gov. Terry Branstad was sworn into office in January, he listed transparency among the “principles that will guide my days as governor.” It’s time for the governor and his staff to reread this principle. They seem to have forgotten it.  
  1. Special State Central Committee Meeting Saturday June 15th

    The Iowa Democratic Party State Central Committee will hold a special election on Saturday, June 15th to elect an interim chair.  The meeting will take place at 9:45am and will take place by telephone.  People interested in registering can do so at
  2. IDP to Attend Several Upcoming Community Events

    Iowa Democratic Party to Attend Several Upcoming Community Events IDP Field Director Kevin Geiken Brings Democratic Message of Diversity & Inclusion to Weekend Events As a kid, I used to love June because it marked the end of the school year. June meant I could sleep in and spend my...
  3. IDP Chair Rep. Tyler Olson to Step Down

    For Immediate release:                                                                                                  Contact Tuesday, June 11, 2013                                                                      Troy Price, 515.244.7292   IDP CHAIR TYLER OLSON TO STEP DOWN   State Central Committee to meet Saturday to select Interim Chair   DES MOINES – Today, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Rep. Tyler Olson sent a letter to the Democratic State...
  4. Joni Ernst Set to Launch Campaign with GOP Insiders

    For Immediate release:                                                                                                  Contact: Monday, June 10,  2013                                                                                                 Troy Price, 515.975.5478   JONI ERNST SET TO LAUNCH CAMPAIGN WITH GOP INSIDERS   DES MOINES, IA – According to Politico, Iowa State Senator Joni Ernst is preparing a possible campaign for US Senate by hiring a Texas-based Republican insider with ties to Mike Huckabee and Michelle...
  5. IDP Spotlight: Tristan Carman

    WINNER OF THE 2013 RISING STAR AWARD Tristan Carman, 17, may not be able to vote yet, but he’s no stranger to politics. A senior at St. Albert’s High School in Council Bluffs, Carman first got involved with the Democratic Party in June of 2011, when he started volunteering for...
  6. GOP Candidate Says He Will Not Compromise on Anything

    For Immediate release:                                                       Contact: June 4, 2013                                                                         Troy Price, 515.975.5478     DAVID YOUNG IS EXACTLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH WASHINGTON   DES MOINES — Longtime Washington, D.C., resident and Republican Senate candidate David Young has demonstrated once again that while you can take a politician out of Washington, you can’t take Washington...
  7. Does Matt Whitaker Support Obamacare Repeal or Not?

    For Immediate release:                                                           Contact: May 28, 2013                                                              Troy Price, 515.975.5478     DOES MATT WHITAKER SUPPORT OBAMACARE REPEAL OR NOT?   DES MOINES — As Matt Whitaker continues his tour around Iowa today announcing his campaign for the US Senate, Iowa Democrats have one question – has Matt Whitaker finally...
  8. “Delivering For The Middle Class Tour” Continues

    For Immediate release:                                                           Contact: May 28, 2013                                                              Troy Price, 515.975.5478       IDP CHAIR REP. TYLER OLSON CONTINUES “DELIVERING FOR THE...
  9. “Delivering for the Middle Class” Tour Tomorrow

    For Immediate release:                                                                       Contact: May 28, 2013                                                                                      Troy Price, 515.975.5478   IDP CHAIR REP. TYLER OLSON TO KICK OFF “DELIVERING FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS” TOUR TOMORROW   Six city tour to highlight accomplishments of Democrats during 2013 legislative session DES MOINES, IOWA – Iowa Democratic Party Chair Rep. Tyler Olson...
  10. Iowans Do Not Want To Re-elect Terry Branstad

    New Poll Shows Branstad is not Connecting with Iowans     For Immediate release:                                                                       Contact: May 23, 2013                                                                                      Troy Price, 515.975.5478 DES MOINES — Quinnipiac University this morning released a new poll showing that after 18 years in the Governor’s Office, Iowans are not ready to re-elect Terry Branstad.  The...


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