1. Taxes Reveal More Hypocrisy from Terry Branstad

    Des Moines – Terry Branstad today released his taxes to the media, and buried under the exemptions and investment income was more hypocrisy from this scandal-plagued Governor. In 2010, Terry Branstad condemned the practice of double dipping where a retired state employee comes back to work for the state and...
  2. Terry Branstad’s Blame Game

    Des Moines – Terry Branstad has become a champion at mastering his own blame game.  During today’s press conference, the Governor took time to blame everyone for the litany of scandals going on under his watch, and continued to deflect the responsibility away from himself. It’s been a full month...
  3. Another Awful Week for Terry Branstad

    Des Moines – This awful week for Terry Branstad previews all the reasons why this will be the Governor’s last term. As WHO-TV pointed out, Branstad’s reputation is at stake, as he is embedded in “three high profile controversies, and three denials from the governor.”  And, so it seems, “denial...
  4. Can Iowans Trust Terry Branstad?

    Des Moines – Two separate scandals of gross corruption in the Branstad Administration – allegations of hush money to cover up political cronyism, and the Governor’s Director of Workforce Development using pressure and coercion to aid big business – are probing Iowan’s trust of Terry Branstad once again. Over the past...
  5. Statement on Mike Huckabee’s Visit to Iowa

    Des Moines – Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Vice Chair Heather Matson released the following statement today on Mike Huckabee’s visit to Iowa today: “There is no irony in the fact that Mike Huckabee’s visit to Iowa today lands on National Equal Pay Day – a simple reminder to Iowans that Republicans...

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