Iowa Democratic Party State Central Committee


Dr. Andy McGuire

1st Vice Chair

Jim Mowrer

2nd Vice Chair

Jean Pardee

3rd Vice Chair

Omar Padilla


Ken Sagar


Don Ruby

DNC Members

Scott Brennan

Sandy Opstvedt

Linda Langston

Jan Bauer

Mike Gronstal

First District

Michael D. Blackwell

Andriy Lapitskyy

Arlie Willems

Jerry Lynch

Karen Pratte

Rosemary Schwartz

Norm Sterzenbach

RRS Stewart

Second District

Al Bohanan

Bill Hanes

Melinda Jones

Susan Frembgen

Sandy Dockendorff

Marty O’Boyle

Jean Pardee

Bob Thomas

Third District

Bill Brauch

Rick Smith

Marcia H. Fulton

Jennifer Lunsford

Julie Stewart

Linda Nelson

John McCormally

Carl McPherson

Fourth District

Andy Bock

Chris Petersen

Tedd Herrick

Penny Rosfjord

Kim Weaver

Sue Seedorff-Keninger

Marcia Thompson

Selden Spencer

Affirmative Action Chair

Fred Seay

Platform Committee Chair

Mike Robinson

Rules Committee Chair

Sandy Dockendorff

President of the Iowa Young Democrats

Lauren Freeman

Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus Representative

Joseph Michalec

Black Caucus Representative

Ako Abdul-Samad

Jamie Woods

Disability Caucus Representative

Judy Schmidt

Joe Stutler

Stonewall Democrats Caucus Representative

Devin Kelly

Evan Anderson

Latino Caucus Representative

Paula Martinez

Araceli Goode

Veteran’s Caucus Representative

Ron Healey

Will Overstreet


About The Party

The Iowa Democratic Party is dedicated to promoting Democratic principles across the state of Iowa and electing qualified and dedicated candidates at all levels of government.

We’re made up of a State Central Committee, 99 county chairs and thousands of involved Iowans who care deeply about their state and want to see it be a model for the other 49. Learn more…

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