Joni Ernst: Hiding from the Issues

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Ernst Doesn’t Realize that 88% of Americans Who Will Benefit from Minimum Wage Increase are Adults; Still Thinks $7.25 is Appropriate for Iowans

Des Moines – Joni Ernst would prefer to keep quiet about the issues, and it’s easy to see why: the more she talks about her positions, the more she demonstrates just how out of out step she is with Iowans, and that her Tea Party agenda is wrong for Iowa. 

National Journal highlighted today that Ernst has refused to talk about the issues with Iowans, because she needs “to find a way to combat a slew of controversial statements and positions…like suggesting impeachment should be an option for President Obama, or her comments about states being able to ‘nullify’ federal laws—since the general election began.  Some Republicans worry that enough of these comments could sink Ernst’s campaign.”

The Iowa Republican’s Craig Robinson went so far to say, “All of the footage that they shot of her in the primary is problematic…We’ve seen repeated times where she’s walked back a position that she held in the primary—that’s problematic for politicians to have to do that.”

But Joni Ernst hasn’t stopped with her slew of controversial statements since the primary.  Earlier this week, Joni Ernst doubled down on her Tea Party positions on the minimum wage, opposing a federal minimum wage entirely, and saying that $7.25 is a great starter wage for Iowa high school students.  However, according to the Economic Policy Institute, 88% of Americans who would benefit from a raise in the minimum wage are not teenagers, but adults who are working to support themselves or their families.

Joni Ernst can’t hide how out of touch she is with Iowans, and she can’t hide her anti-middle class Tea Party agenda from the people she hopes to represent.

Candidate Calls Minimum Wage ‘Great Starter Wage for Many High School Students’ 

WHO TV // Dave Price

U.S. Senate candidate Joni Ernst, a Red Oak state senator, said Tuesday she doesn’t support a plan to raise the federal minimum wage because it should be a state’s issue. And she said a “one size fits all” policy doesn’t fit in this case. Ernst said, “These are entry-level jobs and would love to have enough jobs that people are moving up into greater paying jobs.”

GOPer Ernst: $7.25 An Hour ‘Great Starter Wage’ For High School Kids

Talking Points Memo // Daniel Strauss

Iowa state Sen. Joni Ernst, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in the state, argued that $7.25 an hour, the federal minimum wage, is a good starting wage for high school students. But according to a Pew Research study, just 24 percent of people on the minimum wage are teenagers between 16 and 19.

Joni Ernst Opposes Raising Federal Minimum Wage, Thinks $7.25 Is ‘Great’ For Students

Huffington Post // Igor Bobic

Iowa Republican Senate hopeful Joni Ernst thinks $7.25 per hour is a great beginner wage, but she doesn’t have an answer for many Americans who earn that amount years after entering the workforce.

“I think $7.25 is a great starter wage for many high school students, those that are just getting into work experience,” she said Tuesday, according to WHO.

Senate Nominee: $7.25 Minimum Wage Is A ‘Great Starter Wage’

Think Progress // Josh Israel

Republican Iowa Senate nominee Joni Ernst defended the $7.25 minimum wage currently required in Iowa as a “a great starter wage for many high school students, those who are just getting into work experience,” on Tuesday.



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