DOUBLE TROUBLE: Joni Ernst Just Can’t Hide Her Support for Sarah Palin

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TO: Interested Parties

FROM: Christina Freundlich, Communications Director

DATE: Friday, August 22, 2014

SUBJ: DOUBLE TROUBLE: Joni Ernst Just Can’t Hide Her Support for Sarah Palin

This week, the Joni Ernst campaign’s attempt to hide her support for and admiration of Sarah Palin failed when confronted by Ernst’s own words — Joni Ernst can’t help but embrace Palin and her obstructionist Tea Party ideas. 

It’s not hard to see why: there is no Senate candidate in the country more in line with Sarah Palin’s Tea Party agenda. In fact, Ernst is the only Republican Senate nominee in the country to earn Sarah Palin’s endorsement.

And Ernst has consistently embraced Sarah Palin’s support throughout her campaign:

“Oh my heavens, I was just absolutely ecstatic to have [Sarah Palin’s] endorsement. It is one that means so much. I do appreciate such a strong leader and those are the types of people we need in our federal government, and I would like to follow suit and be a strong leader in our federal government. But she is fantastic, I am excited to have her onboard, and I certainly appreciate her support.” [Mama Grizzly Radio 5/19/14]

“Well, I am flattered because she is a strong leader…She is the kind of politician I admire because she speaks her mind.” [New York Times 8/21/14]

After Sarah Palin came to Iowa to endorse Ernst in March, the Senate candidate’s close ties with Palin were on full display this summer when they both expressed their shared belief that impeachment of the President should be on the table.  But Ernst’s Tea Party views don’t stop with her statements on impeachment.  On nearly every issue that matters to Iowa families, Ernst is out-of-step with Iowans and in-step with Palin.  From privatizing Social Security and transforming Medicare, to cutting taxes for millionaires, to rejecting an increase in the minimum wage, Ernst’s fringe and “remarkably far right” views consistently put her on the wrong side of Iowa’s middle class families.

The Ernst campaign may try to hide it, but Iowans are getting to know Joni Ernst as the “Sarah Palin of Iowa” because Ernst embraces Sarah Palin and what she stands for.

These fringe views put Ernst right in line with Sarah Palin, but on the wrong side of Iowa’s middle class families.



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