VIDEO: The Ernst & Young Investment Plan: Putting Social Security at Risk

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Des Moines – Today the Iowa Democratic Party released a new web video highlighting, as David Young put it, the “Ernst & Young Accountability Firm,” — a risky plan for Iowa seniors that would put Social Security’s guaranteed benefits at risk and gamble Iowans’ retirement savings on the stock market.

Watch the web video here.

Joni Ernst and David Young have both promoted plans to break the promise of Social Security and Medicare.  Ernst said she would move younger workers into “personal savings accounts” that would end guaranteed benefits and put Iowans’ retirement in the hands of Wall Street.  Young wants to put “everything on the table,” including reducing benefits, increasing the retirement age, raising taxes on the middle class, and risking retirement savings to the whims of Wall Street.

Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Scott Brennan said, “Joni Ernst and David Young may try to avoid talking directly with Iowans about their plans to dismantle Social Security, but Iowans can’t afford anyone in Washington who would end guaranteed Social Security benefits and tie their retirement to the whims of Wall Street.  Iowans have paid into Social Security their entire lives, and they deserve to know that their Senators or Representatives are committed to ensuring that their benefits they earned will be there when they retire.”



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