With More Controversy Surrounding his Administration, Terry Branstad Skips Town

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Des Moines – Gloomy.  That word describes the weather today.  And it describes the mood surrounding the Branstad Administration these days.  What’s the best way to beat this gloom?  If you are Terry Branstad, you hit the road to sunny California.  

In the last 24 hours, another in a long string of controversies developed.  This one from a former Iowa Veterans Home employee that produced evidence the Branstad Administration knew of the severe problems at the Iowa Veterans Home, and just swept it under the rug.  In fact, when the Commandant of the Iowa Veterans Home resigned, Branstad praised his work knowing full well the Commandant had been accused of sexual harassment and mistreatment of employees and residents.

Serious questions have been raised, but no one can ask the Governor while he is away in California. 

“When something goes wrong, Iowans address the issues head on – unless you’re Governor Terry Branstad,” said Iowa Democratic Party Executive Director Troy Price.  “When the hush money scandal first broke, Terry Branstad was in Arizona and didn’t answer a single question until he got back.  Now, as each day brings a new development or scandal, Branstad is in California and has yet to answer any questions on the latest allegations.  Iowans value straight talk, and if Terry Branstad won’t give Iowans answers, it time we send him straight towards the exit.”



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