Taxes Reveal More Hypocrisy from Terry Branstad

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Des Moines – Terry Branstad today released his taxes to the media, and buried under the exemptions and investment income was more hypocrisy from this scandal-plagued Governor.

In 2010, Terry Branstad condemned the practice of double dipping where a retired state employee comes back to work for the state and collects both a salary and a pension.  Yet, Branstad’s taxes revealed today he receives an additional $54,749 in retirement funds on top of his $119,454 salary.

Throughout his administration, Branstad has railed against federal spending.  His taxes show he received $64,673 in rental income from buildings that he rents to the Federal postal service, and he fought hard to protect these post offices from closure by the USPS in 2011.

“Terry Branstad’s tax returns once again show his hypocrisy knows no limits,” said IDP Executive Director Troy Price.  “But what more can we expect from a Governor that constantly misleads Iowans and hopes we ignore the facts.  Quite simply, Terry Branstad is not deserving of the public’s trust, and it is time for him to go.”

In the last month, we have seen Terry Branstad’s carefully created house of cards begin to crumble.  He claimed to be a champion of transparency, yet his administration was engaged in a widespread effort to fire state employees and offer them hush money for their silence.  He has also given a full throated defense of his director of Workforce Development, yet that same director is being investigated by the Federal Government over allegations of intimidation to ensure businesses get more favorable rulings in workplace disputes. Finally, he had to fire his Director of Administrative Services last week for lying to the Legislative Oversight Committee.


Branstad: No Conflict in Ownership of Post Offices. Gov. Terry Branstad says his ownership of about a dozen buildings that house rural post offices in Iowa poses no conflict of interest with his criticism of the U.S. Postal Service’s decision to close many rural post offices. The governor says he wants to see a comprehensive plan from the Postal Service about how it plans to deal with its budget troubles, and he says closing a handful of rural offices won’t make a significant difference. [KCRG, 9/6/11]

Spending cuts should begin with Gov. Branstad’s income. During a time of supposed fiscal austerity, Gov. Terry Branstad is asking all Iowans to make financial sacrifices — except, apparently, himself. Branstad is collecting a $52,000 pension in addition to his six-figure governor’s salary. Although by all accounts legal, it is hypocritical for him to continue to accept his salary and pension at the same time if he insists on making substantial cuts to programs and public workers’ salaries and benefits. [Daily Iowan, 2/23/11]




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