ICYMI: “Bias allegations deserve a full airing”

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Des Moines – As the plague of scandal heats up, it seems that Terry Branstad’s abuse of power in order to protect his business cronies continues to trickle the halls of Terrace Hill.

Terry Branstad has become the poster child for the cozy, crony-friendly politician who believes he answers to no one, and always favors the side of big business.  The governor, Iowa Workforce Development Director Teresa Wahler and the federal Labor Department officials are blocking workers unemployment benefits, and are denying them eligibility for union representation that protect Iowa’s workers.

“Acting above the law and always ruling in favor of big business is the kind of Terry Branstad corporate cronyism Iowans have had enough of,” said Iowa Democratic Executive Director Troy Price. “We are on week three of the Wahlert scandal, and there still has yet to be any clarity on the biased allegations and rulings from Branstad and the Iowa Workforce Development office. It’s obvious that Terry Branstad is still trying to desperately direct his cronies to escape from the atmosphere of political retribution sweeping Terrace Hill.  If Terry Branstad stood on the side of Iowa’s workers, he would come forward and clear the air.”

The Register Editorial: Bias allegations deserve a full airing

Editorial // Des Moines Register

The Branstad administration dismissed as partisan politics a state senator’s allegations that Iowa Workforce Development has tipped the scales in favor of employers in unemployment benefits cases. Now it is taking the same dismissive attitude toward a lawsuit that makes the same allegations.

These are serious allegations, and rather than attack the messengers, the governor and his staff should demonstrate that they will seriously investigate them.

Last month state Sen. William Dotzler, D-Waterloo, asked the U.S. Department of Labor to investigate what he called “improper actions” by Iowa Workforce Development Director Teresa Wahlert, who was appointed by Branstad. According to the senator, Wahlert is pressuring administrative law judges to rule in favor of employers and against workers in disputes over paying unemployment benefits. She harasses those who don’t make an effort to reduce employers’ costs for jobless benefits, Dotzler alleged.

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