Statement on November Unemployment Report

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For Immediate Release:
December 20, 2013

Christina Freundlich

Statement on November Unemployment Report

Des Moines Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Scott Brennan released the following statement today on Iowa’s November unemployment report:

“Terry Branstad promised Iowans he would create 200,000 jobs – plain and simple.  But today, Iowans were reminded of the Governor’s dishonest claims on how he chooses to count jobs created in Iowa.  Governor Branstad continues to tout only one-half of the state’s jobs equation, not taking into account the jobs lost and families struggling throughout Iowa.  The too small gains and even bigger losses are leaving too many of Iowa’s families bitterly disappointed, and the Governor would rather ignore reality than admit that the classic GOP top-down approach is causing too much suffering for too many people.

“The tried and failed economic strategy of giving large corporations and the wealthiest tax breaks at the expense of the middle class has had catastrophic consequences for Iowa’s economy.  Terry Branstad wants to continue with the failed policies of the past that Iowans don’t agree with, Republicans don’t win with, and working families suffer from.”



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