RELEASE: Steve King, Quit Sightseeing and Get to Work

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For Immediate Release:
October 8, 2013

Christina Freundlich

Steve King, Quit Sightseeing and Get to Work

Des Moines – Twitter followers of Congressman @SteveKingIA will notice today that he has been out walking the streets of DC, giving us public service updates on what popular landmarks are open or closed as a result of the Reckless Republican Shutdown.  The problem is – all these landmarks would be open if Steve King would do his job and pass a clean continuing resolution to reopen the federal government.

“Iowans should be glad to see that Steve King is taking his job so seriously,” said IDP Chair Scott Brennan.  “Rather than focusing on finding a solution to this shutdown that he is partly responsible for creating, Steve King is spending his day sightseeing.  The government shutdown is serious, with thousands of federal employees furloughed and many thousands more wondering if the services they rely upon will be available to them.  But instead of looking out for these folks, Steve King is treating this like any other day off as he strolls the National Mall.  It is time for Steve King to quit sightseeing and get to work to reopen the government.”

12:03pm: @SteveKingIA The Washington DC mall is closed but not really. People walk around the barricades. Vietnam is open.

12:30pm: @SteveKingIA Vietnam Memorial is open now


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