RELEASE: Iowans Continue to Call on Terry Branstad to Boycott Ted Cruz this Friday

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For Immediate Release:
October 21, 2013

Christina Freundlich

Iowans Continue to Call on Terry Branstad to Boycott Ted Cruz this Friday 

Des Moines – In an online petition released by the Iowa Democratic Party, Iowans are calling on Terry Branstad to boycott the Iowa GOP Reagan Dinner, headlined by Tea Party shutdown architect Ted Cruz. Over the past week, over 500 Iowans have already signed the petition, and many will do the same, as Ted Cruz won’t rule out another government shutdown.

For nearly two weeks, Senator Ted Cruz and the Tea Party kept the federal government shut down and aimed to wreak havoc on our economy.  The government shutdown and threat of default cost the US economy $24 billion, cut .6% off of growth of the GDP and brought the world economy to the brink of collapse.  Thousands of Iowans went without the steady income and benefits they rely on, and are still feeling the effects of it today.

Unfortunately, Ted Cruz and Republicans have already signaled they will continue to use reckless political tactics if they don’t get exactly what they want. The only way for Governor Branstad to prove he is standing alongside Iowans is to boycott Ted Cruz’s Iowa GOP appearance – and Iowans want him to do just that.

“Iowans have spoken, and they have said the only way for Governor Branstad to prove that he is standing up against the Tea Party’s political stunts is to boycott the appearance of Ted Cruz,” said IDP Chair Scott Brennan. “Governor Branstad must demonstrate his disavowal of Senator Cruz’s extreme political extortion.  He says that he is tired of the Tea Party’s recklessness, but unless he refuses to attend Ted Cruz’s keynote event, Terry Branstad will prove that he stands in line with the Tea Party.”

Iowa deserves a Governor who puts fighting for working families and seniors first – not scoring political points at the expense of the economic recovery.



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