Do GOP Senate Candidates Stand with Plan to Shut Down Government?

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Today, Republican Senate candidate Sam Clovis announced he was hosting a town hall meeting next week to discuss his support of a pledge to support “full repeal” of the Affordable Care Act and promising to oppose any bill that “provides funding to implement or enforce any part of it.”

The pledge, also supported by GOP Senate candidate Matt Whitaker, is championed by Tea Party favorite Sen. Ted Cruz.

Opposing “any continuing resolution of appropriations legislation that funds further implementation or enforcement of Obamacare,” of course, means that supporters of the pledge risk shutting down the federal government on September 30. Rep. Steve King has also expressed support for shutting down the government to block funding for the Affordable Care Act.

“Shutting down the government to repeal Obamacare is an extreme, risky idea that could endanger basic government functions for the sake of making a political point. Yet the idea continues to gain momentum among Republicans across the United States, including Sam Clovis and Matt Whitaker,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Scott Brennan. “Iowans deserve a straight answer on whether the other Republican candidates for Senate agree with Ted Cruz and Steve King’s plan to shut down the government.”

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