As Statewide Tour Begins, Do King, Grassley Stand with AFP on Farm Bill?

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August 6, 2013

Christina Freundlich


Des Moines, IA – During a statewide bus tour that begins today, Congressman Steve King and Senator Chuck Grassley will join with Americans for Prosperity (AFP) in criticizing the role of government.  But as they stand in the middle of farm country together, will Grassley and King stand up to the Koch Brothers-funded AFP and their opposition to the farm bill?

“Chuck Grassley and Steve King should be standing up for Iowa’s agricultural economy, but instead they are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with known renewable energy haters – the Koch Brothers,” said IDP executive director Troy Price.  “But this comes as no surprise.  These two career politicians have been bought and paid for by the big business, and they will do whatever the highest bidder says.  Farmers, entrepreneurs and families across the state deserve better, and Iowans should be outraged by these politicians’ betrayal to our state’s growth and development.”

Instead of focusing on investments in renewable energy, conservation programs, and job creation — Steve King and Chuck Grassley put their cozy relationship with AFP on display today across the state.  AFP has a long history of supporting policies that hurt Iowa’s economy:

Criticized the production tax credit for wind: “The PTC was created in 1992 to get the wind industry off the ground. Yet 20 years later, we have little to show for it. We’re still providing a special tax break each year for an industry that supplies just over 2% of our power.” [AFP Press Release, 8/21/12]

Said all support for renewable energy must be eliminated: “Energy subsidies, including the Wind Production Tax Credit, must be eliminated to enable true competition. This forces companies to become more innovative and efficient in order to make their energy source attractive to consumers. It’s time for Republicans to live up to their professed free-market principles and get rid of these special giveaways.” [AFP Editorial, 6/20/12]

Called for full repeal of Renewable Fuel Standard: “The quickest and simplest way to curb rising food prices would be to repeal the EPA mandate on ethanol.  Removing the mandates encourages farmers to shift corn production back to food consumption and away from wasteful fuel blends.” [AFP Website, 8/29/12]

AFP has been an outspoken critic of the Farm Bill: “‘The 2013 farm bill has become little more than a vehicle for massive welfare spending and taxpayer-funded corporate cronyism,’ said Tim Phillips, president of Americans for Prosperity.” [New York Times, 6/17/13]








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