With Criticism of King Comments Growing, Why Are Iowa GOP Senate Candidates Still Silent?

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Des Moines – Steve King’s latest hateful, offensive tirade has set off a chorus of criticism from Republican leaders across the nation – a chorus that now includes Iowa GOP Senate hopeful Matt Whitaker.

But despite the near-universal condemnation from all parts of the Republican ranks, five Iowa Republican Senate candidates are apparently in hiding, dodging questions on their reactions to King’s wrong and hateful comments.

“Matt Whitaker should be praised for finally having the courage to stand up to Steve King’s hateful rhetoric,” said IDP Chair Scott Brennan. “I’m glad he agrees that Steve King’s remarks are beyond the pale.

“But five Iowa Republican Senate candidates still haven’t weighed in. The question remains: will they denounce Steve King’s offensive and wrong comments, or do they agree with his views on Latino immigrants? Are they silent because they’re afraid of offending the King, or do they just support his views?”

Whitaker Join Chorus of Republican King Critics

Matt Whitaker: “I know and like Congressman King, but I disagree with his recent remarks,” the former U.S. attorney told The Des Moines Register a few hours after Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad’s spokesman made a similar statement. “Both sides of the immigration debate need to talk less and get more done. That is what I am hearing from Iowans.” [Des Moines Register, 7/26/13]

Five Iowa Republican Senate Candidates Remain Silent

Joni Ernst: silent

David Young: Dodged the Question

Sam Clovis: silent

Mark Jacobs: silent

Mark Schaben: silent



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