Terry Branstad: The Iowa Problem Causer

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DES MOINES — In April, Governor Terry Branstad said that Iowa needed a problem solver in the US Senate.  However, when it comes to who is causing the most problems in Iowa, Governor Branstad needs to look no further than himself.  The Iowa Democratic Party today launched a new website – IAProblemCauser.com – to highlight the biggest problem facing progress in Iowa today – Terry Branstad.

“Terry Branstad thinks Iowa needs problem solvers to represent our state, and Democrats couldn’t agree more.  However, in Terry Branstad the only thing Iowans get are problems,” said IDP Executive Director Troy Price.  “Time and again, we have seen the Governor create unnecessary problems.  Iowans deserve a real problem solver in Terrace Hill, and that is what they will get when a Democrat retakes Terrace Hill next year.”

While only 30 months into his latest term as Governor, Terry Branstad has racked up an impressive list of problems he has caused.  Below are just a few examples.

  • Branstad refused to expand Medicaid before a nonpartisan coalition of more than 85 Iowa citizen groups ranging from AARP to the Iowa Hospital Association forced him to flip and fully implement Obamacare.
  • Branstad threatened to hold back state school funding in 2013, forcing local schools to accept rates that don’t keep pace with inflation until Democrats stood up to him and demanded he fully fund the school aid formula.
  • Branstad tried to eliminate state-supported early childhood education, leaving tens of thousands of Iowa parents to worry about how to give their children a strong start to their education
  • Branstad blocked the Earned Income Tax Credit, a commonsense tax cut for working families before Democrats pushed him to ‘compromise’ and agree to the earned income tax credit expansion

IAProblemCauser.com will be updated regularly with new content highlighting how Terry Branstad is Iowa’s Problem Causer.


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