Kim Boggus, IDP Activist of the Year 2012 and volunteer extraordinaire

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Kim Boggus may seem like the typical California-turned-Iowa girl, but it doesn’t take long to see how her unique blend of activism, energy, and passion have found a place here in Iowa.  Kim, who was recently recognized as the Iowa Democratic Party’s 2012 Activist of the Year, has been volunteering for causes she cares about her whole life. Kim is a very caring and passionate person, and believes that volunteering is a great way to give back.

Moving to Iowa made Kim realize how different politics are here. The beginnings of campaigns and great work start in Iowa. As a volunteer, you can be a part of the grassroots level of politics. Being a volunteer with the party has strengthened Kim’s beliefs in the Democratic party and the political process. “Volunteering with politics is a positive experience that I want to continue.” Boggus said. Passion drives Boggus to continue her activism, which led her to win the Activist of the Year award. When speaking about her award she got a little choked up and said that “The award was not just for me, it was because neighborhoods got together for causes they believe in. It was as much my award as it was for all the people I have worked with along the way.” The Democratic party is based on all of these communities that work together for their beliefs.

Boggus believes the Democratic party creates relationships with people on a personal level in communities across the country, in and outside campaign seasons. It is a diverse party that accepts anyone, and has allowed her to meet people and have opportunities that she might never have had if she had not gotten involved.

“To anyone out there that is interested in volunteering, find something you are passionate about. If you deeply care about it then it will be a continuation of yourself and will not seem like long, hard work but will be easy and empowering. The passion will keep you motivated to continue the admirable work of volunteerism,” said Boggus.

If you wish to join Kim in volunteering, click here to sign up with your local team!

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“Once you get yourself into volunteering there is no turning back,” said Boggus. “It is always a challenge, but it is a challenge that is worth while and does not feel like a burden. It is time well spent and pays off in the end.”


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