Terry Branstad Wants to Pocket More of Your Money

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Governor drops last minute bill to raise his pay by over $10,000 while funding for schools, health care remains up in the air

DES MOINES – With the legislative session in its waning days and differences remaining over school funding and extending health insurance to low income Iowans, Governor Terry Branstad has proposed a budget bill to raise his own pay by $11,710.

“Governor Branstad is out of touch proposing a $10,000 pay raise for himself,” said IDP Chair Rep. Tyler Olson. “Iowans are looking for jobs.  Iowans are wondering how they will be able to pay for health insurance for their kids. Iowans are wondering whether our schools will have the resources they need next year.  Yet while Iowans’ priorities remain unfunded Terry Branstad wants to make sure he personally gets more Iowa taxpayer dollars.  This is unacceptable and shows how disconnected Terry Branstad’s old-school politics are from every day Iowans’ lives.”


Branstad currently makes $130,000 in salary, and more than $50,000 additionally in retirement benefits from the state’s retirement system IPERS – a practice he has criticized for other state employees.  Iowa taxpayers also pay for a personal chef at the governor’s mansion.


What do Iowans have to show for Branstad’s salary and benefits?  A trail of unfulfilled promises.  Branstad is nearly 160,000 short of his promised 200,000 new jobs, according to Iowa Workforce Development.  He promised to cut state government by 15%, however his last budget proposal was one of the largest in Iowa’s history. He promised to make our schools the best in the nation, yet has held education funding hostage to his so-called education reform.  And he promised to increase family incomes by 25%, while last year’s income growth was only 2.8% over 2011.




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