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May 14, 2013


Spent more than $1000 of campaign funds for personal expense while not holding or running for elected office

DES MOINES – Iowa Democratic Party Executive Director Troy Price today sent the following letter to Iowa Campaign Ethics and Disclosure Board Chair Megan Tooker asking her to investigate whether appointed state Auditor Mary Mosiman illegally used campaign funds from her defunct campaign account for personal use.

Mosiman served as Story County Auditor from 2001 – 2010, when she resigned her position to take a job in Secretary of State Matt Schultz’s office. While she was not a candidate for or an occupant of public office, she used more than $1000 in campaign funds to cover the costs of CPA trainings and partisan Republican travel around the state.

“The State Auditor’s responsibility is to make sure taxpayer dollars are being properly spent,” said IDP Executive Director Troy Price. “These expenses raise some serious questions about our newly appointed Auditor. If Mary Mosiman can’t spent her own money properly, how can we trust her with ours?”

Below and attached are copies of the letter sent to the Iowa Campaign Ethics and Disclosure Board.

Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board
Megan Tooker
510 East 12th, Suite 1A
Des Moines, IA 50319

Ms. Tooker,

I am writing to file an official complaint against State Auditor Mary Mosiman, who continues to maintain her campaign account Mosiman for Auditor from her previous campaigns for the office of Story County Auditor.

On December 22, 2010 the Des Moines Register reported that Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz announced Mosiman would serve in his office as deputy of elections. According to the Ames Tribune, Mosiman resigned from her position as Story County Auditor on January 3rd, 2011.

Despite no longer actively holding or seeking any political office, in 2012 Mosiman used her campaign account to purchase nearly $1,000 worth of various training sessions and reimbursing herself and additional $149.18 for travel to county Republican conventions. The January 19th, 2013 disclosure report for Mosiman for Auditor lists the following expenditures:

These payments, totaling $1,095.18 were made more than a year after Mosiman resigned from her elected position and began working for the Iowa Secretary of State’s office. As you know, Iowa Code 68A.302 states the following:

A candidate and the candidate’s committee shall use campaign funds only for campaign purposes, educational and other expenses associated with the duties of office, or constituency services, and shall not use campaign funds for personal expenses or personal benefit.

Since Mosiman neither held, nor was she seeking, an elected position in 2012, these payments for training sessions and travel were solely for “personal benefit” and in direct violation of Iowa Code. It is my hope that you investigate this misuse of campaign funds and take appropriate action.


Troy Price
Executive Director
Iowa Democratic Party



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