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As Iowa Democrats celebrate our victories of the past and look to new opportunities in the future, one thing is clear—the work we do this summer will directly impact our success in 2014.  If we continue to develop our grassroots organization, support our great slate of elected officials, and advocate for our progressive ideals, this summer will lay a strong foundation for Democratic victories next year and beyond.  I’m writing today to tell you about two great ways to get active in the party—by becoming an Iowa Democratic Party Intern and by joining your neighborhood organizing team

Iowa Democratic Party Interns will spend the summer actively building and training grassroots teams, developing relationships with elected officials, managing data, and communicating the work we do. Interns this summer will have exciting opportunities to work with activists and elected officials alike, and get hands-on experience with a variety of skills ranging from field to press.

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Neighborhood organizing teams lead our local efforts across Iowa. By joining your neighborhood team, you will get connected with issues and actions that support our party. You will also meet other progressives in your neighborhood, develop your local strategy, and participate in our state-of-the-art training program that provides the tools and skills teams need for success.

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You already know why it’s so important for Democrats to be successful in 2014. I’m asking you to take action this summer to ensure that our progress continues.  Thank you for your commitment to action.


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