House Republicans Fail Iowans

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DES MOINES – The second legislative funnel week came to an end this week, and with it ended the chance for several common-sense pieces of legislation that would benefit Iowans.  These bills died for one reason – House Republicans.

Bills that Republicans failed to advance this year in the legislature include increasing funding for our schools over the next two years (SF52, SF161), helping struggling homeowners through the Iowa Mortgage Hotline (SF231), promoting goods and services that were made in Iowa (SF170), and helping our teachers prevent suicide amongst Iowa’s students (SF337).

“These common-sense pieces of legislation would have helped countless Iowans,” said Rep. Tyler Olson, Iowa Democratic Party Chair.  “The inaction of the Republicans demonstrates once again that they are more interested in partisan politics than standing up for Iowans.  This failure by the GOP underscores why its time for Democrats to retake the Iowa House, and the Iowa Democratic Party will do everything we can to make sure that happens in 2014.”

Below is a list of bills killed this week by House Republicans.

Common Sense Bills Killed by House Republicans

Iowa Legislature – 2nd Funnel



Bill #

Killed by House Committee

Made in Iowa SF 170 Commerce
Suicide prevention training for   teachers SF 337 Education
Radon testing for homes and schools SF 366 Local Government
Prevention of window falls SF 381 Judiciary
Expand support for English Language   Learners SF 404 Education
Protecting domestic abuse victims SF 359 Public Safety
Expanded training for child abuse   reporters SF 350 Human Resources
Continue Iowa’s Mortgage Hotline SF 231 Judiciary
4% allowable growth (2013-2014 school   year) SF 52 Education
4% allowable growth (2014-2015 school   year) SF 161 Education
Continue early intervention &   class size reduction SF 319 Education
Campaign finance reform of independent   expenditure SF 329 State Government
Public reporting of gifts from   lobbyists SF 121 State Government


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