Reckless Steve King Budget Puts Iowa Seniors At Risk

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DES MOINES - On the heels of Congressman King’s CPAC love fest in Washington, DC, last weekend, his Republican Study Committee has released their radical FY2014 federal budget.

This budget proposal uses the same false assumptions and funny math as the Paul Ryan budget such as eliminating Obamacare. Just like the Ryan budget, the RSC tries to balance the budget on the backs of seniors – it raises the Social Security retirement age to 70 and begins the privatization of Medicare five years earlier than the Ryan budget.

“This budget is reckless and irresponsible and Rep. King should be ashamed of himself for trying to balance the federal budget on the back of seniors,” said Rep. Tyler Olson.  “Steve King was sent to Washington to represent the interests of Iowans, yet this budget he and his extremist colleagues put together would hurt the largest segment of our population. Steve King should be working for Iowans, not for his friends in Washington.  Iowans deserve better.”

Steve King is a member of the Republican Study Committee,  a Tea Party group of House Republicans “dedicated to a limited and constitutional
role for the federal government.

You can read more on the Republican Study Committee’s proposed FY2014 budget here:



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