Governor Branstad Continues to Strike an Out-of-Touch Chord

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Statement from IDP Chair Sue Dvorsky on Governor Branstad’s ‘Condition of the State’

Des Moines – Sue Dvorsky, Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party, released the following statement following Governor Terry Branstad’s remarks during today’s Condition of the State:

“While The Iowa Democratic Party agrees that Iowa has tremendous opportunity to grow, Governor Branstad’s plan — as he laid it out today — continues to strike an out-of-touch chord on key issues that the majority of Iowans are concerned with. Most notably, he failed to address ways to increase Iowans access to healthcare, he provided merely a status-quo approach to job creation, he did not discuss tax cuts for working Iowa families, and, perhaps worst of all, the governor offered a major retreat on the state’s commitment to Iowa school children.

“In two years, Governor Branstad has failed to put forth a budget plan that adequately funds the type of environment which supports teacher development and increases student achievement. His announcement today that we do away with allowable growth only continues this trend of a sharp decline in funding for K-12 education.

“There are ways to capitalize on the full state treasury which would support Iowa’s efforts to advance education policy and simultaneously grow the Iowa’s workforce and, thus, support the middle class. If the Governor wants to retain students and create jobs, a stronger commitment to public — and higher — education is something the governor should consider as a core priority of his administration. So far his record on education has not matched his rhetoric and it sends a very discouraging message to Iowans about his commitment to advancing this issue in a meaningful way.”

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