We Did This Together — A note from IDP Chairwoman Sue Dvorsky

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Dear Friends,

On Tuesday night, we achieved something incredible.

This election was a choice – move Iowa and the country forward or go backwards.

The Iowa Democratic Party wishes to express its sincere appreciation to the thousands of people who volunteered countless hours to this people-powered campaign and to the people who voted to keep our state and our country moving in the right direction.

I am extremely proud of the work we did. During the campaign, we talked to millions of Iowans and had real conversations about the future of our state and our country. On Tuesday, you saw that hard work pay off.

The reelection of President Obama was a great achievement and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Led by Senator Mike Gronstal, the successful effort of the Senate Majority Fund to retain control of the State Senate was a critical accomplishment for Iowa Democrats. With the target squarely on our backs, Senate Democrats fought hard and won control of 26 seats, preserving the Majority and protecting middle class interests and the civil rights of all Iowans.

Your support for our Senate candidates made it possible for them to continue to bring more jobs and increased educational opportunities to Iowa, while offering a balanced approach to the budget process.

And by picking up seven important seats in the House, more and more Iowans will have their voices heard, and Democrats will have greater resources available to counter the extreme agenda of the House Republicans. These substantial gains will increase our capacity to fight for renewable energy and energy independence, a strong education for every child and health insurance for thousands of Iowans.

Meanwhile, victories by Congressmen Dave Loebsack and Bruce Braley proved that Iowans are committed to eliminating partisan gridlock. We look forward to their next two years in congress.

Congressman Boswell and Christie Vilsack fought hard this election, and their decades of distinguished service to this state and the country cannot be overstated. We are grateful to both of them and their staffs for having the courage to run in what they knew would be highly charged races on behalf of Iowans who seek a common sense approach to problem solving in Washington.

When I drive in any direction from Des Moines, I see the positive impact of good government on the good people of this state.  And because I believe that sustainable, renewable energy, strong communities, good schools and well-maintained infrastructure are critical to our way of life here, and because I love and believe in our way of life here, I know that every minute of every day of this journey has been worthwhile.

Thank you all.


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