Happy Thanksgiving — A Note from IDP Chairwoman Sue Dvorsky

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Today as the most fortunate of us gather with family and friends, I will follow the advice of our good friend Jim Autry and “choose gratitude.”

I am thankful that we have once again had the opportunity to welcome into our state, our homes and our lives, the hundreds of committed Americans of all ages, who came to Iowa to make a difference in this election.

I am thankful for the hundreds of Iowans, of all viewpoints, who stepped forward and placed their names on the ballot,  to work on behalf of their neighbors, to make their communities stronger and more vibrant.

I am grateful for the thousands more who work every day on behalf of us all  to teach our children, care for our sick and elderly, protect our lives and property.

I give thanks for Iowans in every community, and Americans in every state, who will take time today to offer a meal, comfort, or a small kindness to a friend or stranger who may be in need.

We are, as the President so eloquently reminds us, “in this together.”  A fine thought as we gather together on Thanksgiving Day 2012.


Sue Dvorsky

Chair, Iowa Democratic Party



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