Iowa Democratic Party Chair Responds to Romney Visit and Richard Mourdock Endorsement

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DES MOINES – Sue Dvorsky, Iowa Democratic Party Chair, released the following statement in advance of Mitt Romney’s visit to Cedar Rapids and in response to Romney’s Richard Mourdock endorsement. In a debate last night, Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, endorsed by Mitt Romney in a direct to camera television ad, said that he opposes abortion even in the case of rape because a pregnancy from rape is “something God intended to happen.” Romney’s ad for Mourdock is the only direct to camera ad Romney’s done for any Senate candidate in the general election.

“As Mitt Romney travels to Cedar Rapids today, he hasn’t reversed his endorsement or pulled down the ad he cut for Richard Mourdock after Mourdock’s disgusting comments about rape.  That should send warning bells to all women and their families about a potential Romney presidency.  Mitt Romney’s endorsement of Mourdock, and his comments on rape are the latest example of Republicans’ extremely conservative attitudes on women’s health. But the endorsement is not surprising given that Romney would take away a woman’s right to choose and even said he’d be ‘delighted’ to sign a bill banning all abortions. He picked Paul Ryan, who supports banning all abortions and even cosponsored legislation to narrow the definition of rape,” said Dvorsky.

“In Iowa, Mitt Romney told the Des Moines Register that he wouldn’t pursue abortion legislation, but the very next day backtracked and confirmed he would support anti-choice policies. There is a lot at stake for women in this next election and all Iowans should take a close look at the types of people who Mitt Romney associates with and things he says, including what he is trying to hide before going to the polls.”


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