Ames Tribune and Des Moines Register Agree: Steve King has failed to represent the priorities of Iowa’s 4th District

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Editorial boards conclude that Vilsack is better equipped to advocate for constituents, eliminate gridlock  

Des Moines — Steve King’s failure to effectively represent his constituents while in congress was laid out with striking simplicity in two Iowa editorial board endorsements on Sunday.

The Ames Tribune and Des Moines Register both made the decision to endorse Christie Vilsack, citing her commitment to a hyper local, common sense approach to problem solving and the elimination of partisan gridlock in Congress.

Echoing the thoughts of many in Iowa, both news outlets reasoned that while Steve King says he represents Iowa, his voting record and preference for divisive rhetoric paint a very different picture.

“Constituents in Iowa’s Fourth District deserve a representative in Congress who will advocate for their most pressing needs and priorities, not just a spokesperson for the Tea Party and social conservative causes,” said Sue Dvorsky, Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party. “Christie Vilsack has put forward a road map to increase and expand opportunities for cities and rural communities. I credit these editorial boards for showing the clear and present danger another Steve King term presents, and the constructive alternatives being offered by Christie Vilsack this election.”

Ames Tribune:

“King has come to see himself as a national figure, a congressman with his eye on bigger things. His focus is on contributing to what he envisions to be a conservative revolution extending far beyond the boundaries of Iowa’s 4th District. Vilsack, on the other hand, has dedicated her campaign to assessing the needs of the 750,000 people in the 4th District and trying to figure out what she can do to improve their lives.”

“I see this job very locally,” she told us. She says she wants to “open doors for economic development” in rural Iowa, where she grew up. Certainly Vilsack is conscious of and interested in issues of wider interest. She wants to protect Social Security and Medicare. She supports making higher education more accessible and affordable. She supports health care reforms that reduce costs and encourage coordinated care. She wants Congress to pass a farm bill.

Des Moines Register:

“King seems to amuse himself by being as partisan and vitriolic as he can be. He has had 10 years in Washington to cultivate his inner-statesman, but he has failed to do so. It’s time for Iowa to make a change.”


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