Romney Bus Tour Passengers Promise to Throw Health Care of Millions Under the Bus

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Des Moines — The Iowa Democratic Party released the following statement on the arrival of the Romney Bus Tour, featuring Governors Bob McDonnell of Virginia and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana:

“Both of these governors have well-established records of putting extreme partisan politics over the best interests of their constituents. Their selection as top Romney surrogates and potential vice presidential nominees demonstrate the misguided direction Mitt Romney is looking to take the country.

“Consistent with what is happening under Republican governor Terry Branstad in Iowa, right now thousands of Virginians and Louisianans are waiting to find out if their Governor will take advantage of available federal funding to ensure that they get access to health insurance they would otherwise lack, or if he will allow partisan politics to override their best interests. It’s simply unacceptable.

“With these governors full support, Mitt Romney promises to repeal the health care law on ‘day one,’ refighting old political battles, jeopardizing the health of 34 million Americans, including the 12 percent of Iowans living without health insurance, in addition to eliminating women’s access to a wide range of preventive health services such as mammograms and cervical cancer screenings. That’s something we can’t go back to. We must continue to move forward and keep the focus on creating jobs in this recovering economy.”


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