If Branstad is Being Vetted for VP, Will He Advise Romney to Release His Tax Returns?

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Des Moines, IA – Yesterday, during Governor Branstad’s press conference at the State Capital, he said, “I am going to try to do all that I can to help (Romney).” He also sparked rumors that he’s being considered as a possible Vice Presidential running mate for Mitt Romney.  Today, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Sue Dvorsky released the following statement:

“If the Governor is being considered as a potential running mate and if he really wants to help Mitt Romney, he should advise Mitt Romney to act like him, and release his tax returns. Iowans deserve to know what Mitt Romney is hiding and why he is hiding his tax returns. Instead, Romney decided that he’d rather keep us in the dark, guessing about his decisions to open tax shelters and bank accounts in Switzerland, the Cayman Islands and Bermuda. Mitt Romney’s secrecy leads one to think that he is afraid to release his tax returns because Iowans won’t vote for him once they see what’s in them.”

Branstad releases his tax returns every year in order to be, “extremely transparent.” But the only tax return Mitt Romney has released publicly was from 2010, a tax return that tells Iowans nothing about his time at Bain Capital, or when he was running the Olympics, or when he was Governor of Massachusetts.

Romney handed over 23 years of tax returns to the McCain campaign when he was considered as a potential running mate, and his potential Vice Presidential candidates should demand that he release those to the public.

Never in modern American history has a presidential candidate’s personal financial situation been so hidden from the public as Mitt Romney’s. His effort to buck precedent and play by his own rules is being noted by regional editorial boards and columnists across the country. As questions surrounding Romney’s personal finances continue to surface, one thing remains clear: voters deserve full disclosure and more transparency for someone vying to lead the country.


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