Grassley Joins Growing List of Republicans Calling on Romney to Release Tax Returns

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Former Chair of the Senate Committee with jurisdiction over taxes says “I’d have to say yes” when asked if Romney should match precedent set by prior nominees

 Des Moines, IA – Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley has added his name to the list of prominent Republicans urging Romney to come clean and release more tax returns. Grassley joins close to 20 prominent Republicans, from Conservative Leader George Will to Governor Rick Perry, who have all called on Romney to release his returns.

According to the Hill Newspaper, Sen. Chuck Grassley, one of the most senior Republicans in the Senate and the former Chairman of the Finance Committee, which has jurisdiction over tax issues, said Romney should follow the precedent set by previous presidents and presidential candidates.

“When asked if he thought Romney should do as much as prior presidential nominees have, meaning release more returns, Grassley said, ‘based upon my comment, I’d have to say yes.’”

“Senator Grassley’s call for Mitt Romney to release his tax returns is just another prominent Republican voice asking Romney to come clean with the American people,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Sue Dvorsky. “Romney has left too much unexplained about his private-sector record, which he’s made the cornerstone of his campaign. Even Republicans are wondering what John McCain saw in 23 years of Romney’s tax returns that made him decide to pick Sarah Palin instead.”

A majority of Americans also believe Romney should release tax returns.  A poll released today found fifty six percent of all voters, including sixty one percent of independents, think that Romney should release twelve years of returns.

A new DNC video, “Even Republicans Agree: Mitt Romney’s Hiding Something” shows the growing number of Republicans putting pressure on Romney to come clean with Americans and release his tax returns.

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