Romney Campaign’s Bus Tour Greeted by Bad News in Iowa

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Des Moines — Today Mitt Romney and his undefined economic plan rolled into Iowa.  Here are the types of headlines that greeted his campaign when they arrived: 


Those headlines follow an even worse weekend of news reports for the Romney campaign in Iowa.

Tough weekend for Mitt Romney:


“Democrats a Study in Unity”:



But don’t just take the media’s word for it. Read what Iowa Republicans had to say about Mitt Romney:

Iowa State Rep. Phyllis Thede, D-Bettendorf, said Romney doesn’t identify with the people of Iowa. Romney’s recent comment that Obama wants to hire more firefighters, police officers and teachers, but that government needs to cut back, is “absolutely shocking,” she said. “He is detached from the reality of hard-working Iowans.”

The Iowa Republican Party state convention included shouting, booing, and even shoving.

It came as little surprise that by Saturday evening, Ron Paul backers had scored what the Quad City Times called a “sweeping victory in election of GOP delegates.”

Meanwhile, Iowa Democrats over the weekend were characterized as the epitome of party unity – in support of President Obama, Congressional candidates, and a state party platform focused on restoring the middle class.

“I’m a heavy-duty Obama supporter,” said Gary Stodden of Davenport. “I think the Republicans are recycling ideas that have been proven that they don’t work. It’s like they’re trying to retread a blown-out tire and telling you it’s going to be good.”


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