Iowa Democratic Party Chair Sue Dvorsky’s Statement on the Romney Campaign Rooting for Economic Failure

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Des Moines, IA – Iowa Democratic Party Chair Sue Dvorsky released the following statement today after it was revealed that Mitt Romney urged Governor Rick Scott of Florida to downplay good economic news in his state, further evidence that Romney would rather see the American economy fail than President Obama win:

“Mitt Romney doesn’t want Americans to hear that things are beginning to turn around because it might hurt his chances of becoming president and it might expose as hollow and dishonest his repeated declarations that the President has made the economy worse.

“Instead, Mitt Romney is trying to have it both ways, urging his fellow Republicans to downplay good economic news. He wants to deny progress for the middle class for his own personal political gain—though Iowans would all agree that working toward our economic success should be above politics.  This is beyond contempt and Mitt Romney should be ashamed.

“As hard as he tries, you can’t hide the economic progress we’ve made in Iowa. Since the President took office, we have seen unemployment fall to around 5 percent. Unfortunately, Romney would stifle this growth. He derided alternative energies as ‘uncompetitive’ and ‘ballyhooed’ – that wasn’t a compliment – and would keep giving billions of dollars of taxpayer money to oil and gas companies instead of supporting the renewable energy sector.

“The American people deserve leaders who root for the middle class, not for cynical politicians like Mitt Romney who root for failure.   That’s why they’ll reject Romney at the ballot box and elect President Obama to a second term.”

To read more about the Romney campaign’s cynical politics click here:


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