Here’s What is Waiting for Romney in Iowa

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Since January, we’ve watched Romney’s pop-up campaign come and go, we’ve seen him win and then lose the caucus, we’ve seen increased republican support for Ron Paul and we’ve watched the Iowa GOP self-deconstruct  with  their lack of coordination and leadership.  It’s no wonder Romney’s people decided to go it alone and run a campaign without the help of the republican leadership of Iowa.  The one office that Romney’s opening today replaces the P.O Box address they’ve had up on their website.  

Welcome to the general Mr. Romney.

The Romney campaign has some work to do. Here’s what’s awaiting them in Iowa.

Ron Paul Enthusiasts…

“Some of the platform ideas are just crazy. I mean they make us look crazy,” says Doug Gross, a former Republican nominee for Iowa governor and Romney’s 2008 Iowa campaign chairman.

While he’s not working for the Romney campaign this year, Gross says after remaining neutral during the primary he now supports Romney.

Paul came in third in the Iowa caucuses back in January, and no one knows exactly how many Paul delegates Iowa will send to the national convention in Tampa. But Gross expects they’ll be the majority. He believes the Iowa GOP is being taken over by the Ron Paul wing.

“I suspect that this convention this weekend will be a circus because these folks by definition are not institutionally minded,” says Gross. “I mean, they see a piece of China on the table they like to break it. They don’t wanna turn it into a full set.”

Gross points to growing control of the state party by Paul supporters. Republican Party of Iowa Chairman A.J. Spiker resigned from the Paul campaign when he took the job early this year. A spokeswoman declined repeated requests for an interview with Spiker.

(Romney Backers Brace For Paul ‘Circus’ In Iowa

Disgruntled Iowa Republicans

Iowans loyal to Ron Paul prevailed Friday night getting almost their entire team tickets to the national convention.

But a tug-of-war is evident today at the Iowa GOP state convention – some Republicans don’t want Paul backers to dominate the Iowa delegation. Another 13 delegates will be picked today.

This morning, a debate – over rules on voting for delegates – ended with angry shouting.

“All right, folks, this is not going well,” the convention chairman Bill Talbot said after a delegate came to the audience microphone and shouted at him.

Talbot appealed for decorum.

“We are trying to be pleasant people here, let everyone be heard,” Talbot said. “We’re trying to figure out how to do this fairly. The next person that does that is going to be removed from this convention.” (Tensions rise at Iowa GOP state convention: ‘All right folks, this is not going well’

“I was hoping I might hear about specific economic policies Romney would implement if he were elected.”

After attending Mitt Romney’s rally in LeClaire Park on Monday, I feel like I have survived a visit to a war zone. I did not appreciate being herded into a seat at the bandshell and asked to wait in full sun and 90-degree heat for about an hour waiting for Romney’s bus to arrive. I asked if I might wait in the shade and was told rudely by some campaign worker that I had to take seat at the bandshell.

Another asinine feature of preparation for the rally was a row of about a dozen heavy dump trucks restricting the view of any protesters who might be exercising their First Amendment rights on River Drive. The Romney campaign and Scott County Republicans owe people in the Davenport area (not Des Moines) an apology. Romney seemed disoriented as to where he got off his bus.

After Romney finally arrived, he began his monotonous litany blaming President Barack Obama for all our economic woes. I was hoping I might hear about specific economic policies Romney would implement if he were elected. Instead, I heard him blame Obama for the fact that returning veterans are having a hard time finding jobs. The fact that Mitt Romney failed to point out is that public sector jobs (for which veterans are uniquely qualified) have been taken out of our economy by GOP-sponsored spending cuts — jobs for police, firefighters, medical professionals and educators.

Disappointment from Romney’s Impact on Business Owners

Key Point, Café Owner Dianne Bauer: “With how he treated me, is that how he’s going to treat others? You know, if he gets in office is he going to be that way to us little people?”

Dianne Bauer opened up her cafe to Mitt Romney and his campaign for a small round table discussion Friday morning before his speech at Bayliss Park.

This isn’t the first politician that has asked Bauer to use the Main Street Cafe in downtown Council Bluffs.

“With Rick Perry he made a point of stopping in the kitchen before he ever went to the other side to address the public and the media to thank us and introduce himself to us,” said Bauer. “That’s what I thought we would get here, just normal. This was all out, like you’d think Obama was here.”

Bauer’s issues with the campaigns staffers started the night before when they started staging the cafe for the event.

She described many of their demeanors as “arrogant”.

She says her cafe was not treated with the respect it deserved. (Cafe Owner After Hosting Romney Event: “I felt like it was a mocking”

“If this campaign stop was indicative of how Romney plans to help the middle class and hardworking small business owners, Mitt can be sure not to count on my vote.”

If every town counts on the Mitt Romney tour, apparently every business does not count — especially small businesses. On June 18, Fresh Deli, a relatively new business in the Freight House, lost its breakfast and lunchtime revenue because of poor planning/inconsiderateness by the Romney campaign. Some customers were literally turned away by officials; others thought

Fresh Deli closed or did not want to walk in the heat.

Romney minders should have communicated clearly with Secret Service advance teams about businesses in the area that would be negatively affected by the visit to Davenport. At the very least, representatives from the campaign should have gone into Fresh Deli, offered a personal invite and bought lunch.

A sign of good business practicum would have been to buy lunch from Fresh Deli for the law enforcement officials, press and riggers who spent hours in the hot sun.

The Republican Party of Scott County should also shoulder some of the blame as this is their turf.

If this campaign stop was indicative of how Romney plans to help the middle class and hardworking small business owners, Mitt can be sure not to count on my vote.

Lunch from Subway was provided to the Davenport Police Department and Scott County sheriffs. Be assured that neither the produce nor meat was locally grown. (Romney visit hurts one small business

Concern over Romney’s Lack of Support for the Wind Industry and Renewables

Mitt Romney’s opposition to tax breaks for wind farms puts him at odds with conservative support for renewable energy in states such as Iowa and Texas that have built the largest wind industries with taxpayer help.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee favors more oil drilling and fewer clean-air regulations and has voiced opposition to government backing for wind and solar projects.

Romney hasn’t taken a position on renewing a federal tax credit for wind power that’s set to expire Dec. 31, though he’s ridiculed government subsidies for turbines. Republican lawmakers are backing a bill to extend the incentive. President Barack Obama supports the credit and says it will create jobs.  (Romney Aversion to Wind-Power Aid Alienating Republicans

Hesitation toward Romney’s Outsourcing while at Bain

Chaz Allen, the mayor of Newton, Iowa, said he thinks Romney never personally experienced what happens when the main employer in town moves jobs overseas. Newton suffered a blow when the Maytag plant closed in 2007. The jobs were consolidated in Mexico and Ohio.

“It’s like a punch in the gut to learn that Mitt Romney, the man who wants to be our next president was an outsourcing pioneer,” Allen said in a statement from the Obama campaign.

A Washington Post article this morning says: “Romney’s financial company, Bain Capital, invested in a series of firms that specialized in relocating jobs done by American workers to new facilities in low-wage countries like China and India.”  (Obama campaign seizes on news Romney was ‘outsourcing pioneer’


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