Dvorsky: “We Are Organized, Energetic and Inclusive.”

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In light of the focus on the Republican Party of Iowa’s State Central Committee meeting this past weekend, it seemed appropriate to provide a review of the leadership team that guides the Iowa Democratic Party’s agenda and principles across the state of Iowa.

As I have said many times, the strength of the Democratic Party in Iowa is a direct result of the dedication of so many outstanding leaders who give their time and energy to create a better future for our state. We are thrilled to have proven year after year that we are very organized, highly energetic and, most of all, inclusive.

A quick overview of the list of State Central Committee members found on our website reveals more than fifty members, roughly half of which are women. One of our members is in her early eighties, while our youngest is in his early twenties. The tallest one is around 6’4″, and the shortest, about 4’10” (and it’s not me!).

Amidst this great list of people are teachers and electricians, attorneys and activists, small business owners and public employees. They are Iowans of all backgrounds, interests, beliefs. They represent everyday Americans who are energized and passionate about participating in the democratic process.

We believe our diversity is a testament to our proactive outreach to diverse groups of Iowans, and is consistent with our goal of bringing news voices into the process.

Shameless Plug Alert: This summer at our June 15 Hall of Fame Dinner, we will once again honor outstanding elected officials and activists who are standing up for Democratic values at every level. We hope you will join us!

Sincerely, Sue Dvorsky
Chairwoman, Iowa Democratic Party


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