Romney Goes Mute on Plans To Privatize Medicare and slash Social Security

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AARP Poll Shows Caucus goers Opposed to Romney Plans

Des Moines – On the heels of an AARP poll showing that likely Republican caucus goers overwhelming oppose cuts to Medicare and Social Security, Mitt Romney declined to do an interview for the AARP’s voter guide on retirement issues. Romney’s campaign announced yesterday, plans to return to Iowa next Wednesday.

Last week the AARP’s pollster Greg Strimple warned this could be a problem for Republican candidates who are not even in line with their own base.

From Radio Iowa’s report:

“Social Security is a misunderstood issue inside the Republican Party where the voters very much want to protect these benefits and the elected officials and leaders in Washington are ignoring that kind of sentiment,” Strimple said this morning during a telephone conference call with reporters. “And that’s going to be a potential problem for Republicans down the line.”

This report comes after Mitt Romney unveiled his plan to privatize and cut Medicare benefits. Romney has also supported the far-right budget plan drafted by Rep. Paul Ryan in March. That plan could increase out-of-pocket costs for seniors, a cost that will reach $6,000 in 2022. The Wall Street Journal concluded that the plan “would essentially end Medicare.”



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