Branstad hints at toll roads in Iowa

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“Ask the Gov” reveals latest plan to burden the middle class

DES MOINES – Governor Branstad says toll roads may be coming to Iowa. Answering a question about transportation in today’s “Ask the Gov” video segment, Branstad said “We’re gonna be looking at user fees, paid for by people who use the highways, whether they’re residents of Iowa or not…on a pay as you go basis.”

“Governor Branstad is proposing another unnecessary burden on middle class families,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chairwoman Sue Dvorsky. “With increasing state revenues and a budget surplus, it’s unconscionable that Governor Branstad is looking for ways to increase the burden on Iowans by proposing a toll road”

Since taking office, Governor Branstad has already increased the burden on middle class families by dismantling a successful preschool program and demanding zero percent allowable growth, triggering a $70 million property tax hikes. Branstad also vetoed a tax break that would have benefited 240,000 hard working Iowans.

“Calling this a ‘user fee’ isn’t going to fool the people of Iowa,” added Dvorsky. “We need real leadership, not another way to burden the middle class.”

UPDATE, 1:41 PM: Governor Branstad’s spokesperson has said that “user fees, paid for by people who use highways…on a pay as you go basis” was a reference to increasing the gas tax, rather than toll roads. Either way, Governor Branstad is looking for ways to increase the burden and anxiety on everyday Iowans. During his tenure as governor, Branstad has increased the gas tax five times, by more than 33 percent.


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